New Strategies in the Battle Against Infectious Diseases.  February 14th - Webinar

Dr. Marconi's presentation begins at 01:34:00, followed by Q&A:

Gordon Research Conference on the Biology of Spirochetes – Exploring a Unique and Diverse Group of Bacteria.  January 14-19th Ventura, CA

Structure-function analyses of the OspC protein of Borreliella Using Domain Hybrids. Presented by Kathryn Flinn (PhD Student)

PlzA RNA Chaperone Activity in Borreliella burgdorferi is Essential for Virulence in Mice and Ticks. Presented by Nicholas Cramer (PhD Student)

A Novel Multi-antigen Chimeric Lyme Disease Vaccine Formulation that Provides Complete Protection Against Borreliella burgdorferi in Mice and Rhesus Macaques. Presented by Gavin Chambers (PhD Student)

Leptospira Utilize the Essential Second Messenger Molecule: c-di-AMP. Presented by Dr Edward Schuler (Postdoctoral fellow)

VETERINARY MEETING AND EXPO – Orange County Convention Center; Orlando, FL. January 13th-January 17th 2024

Dr. Marconi presented at several gatherings on “New Discoveries in Lyme Diversity, Infection, and Immunity.”

Lyme scene investigation: Are your clients safe? Western States Veterinary Conference. Las Vegas, NV 02/20/2023

The increasing threat of Lyme disease. Minneapolis, MN 12/6/2022 and Wisconsin Dells, WI 12/7/2022

Eagleson Lecture Award Keynote Address: The Growing Threat of Lyme Disease: Where Do We Stand? 65th Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference: International Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity. Milwaukee, WI. 10/18/2022.

New approaches for the prevention of Lyme disease. Columbus Zoo. Columbus, OH. 08/04/2022 and Toledo Zoo. Toledo, OH. 08/03/2022.

Genetic regulatory mechanisms of oral treponemes. Gordon Research Conference on the Biology of Spirochetes, Ventura, CA 06/01/2022

Preventive strategies for Lyme disease (CME). Rye Plaza. Kansas City, MO. 04/21/2022 and Omaha Marriott, Omaha, NE. 04/20/2022.

Combating Lyme disease using novel vaccine strategies (CME). Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV 03/08/2022

The emerging threat of tick-borne diseases (CME). Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV 03/08/2022

Novel prevention strategies for Lyme disease (CME). Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV 03/07/2022

Leveraging Antibody responses in the fight against Lyme Disease. Veterinary Medicine and Expo, Orlando, FL 01/17-19/2022

Keynote address: Novel approaches for Lyme disease prevention. Masters Symposium of the Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands. 11/19/2021.

Lyme disease in 2021: How can we prevent the spread of Lyme disease? New York Veterinary Conference, New York City, NY. 11/5/2021

Chimeric vaccinogens and diagnostic antigens for Lyme disease. Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA 10/04/2021

Leveraging antibody responses to prevent Lyme disease. Western Veterinary Conference. Las Vegas, NV 09/07/2021 (CME) and Virginia Beach, VA 08/24/2021 (CME).

Leveraging antibody responses in the prevention of Lyme Disease. Veterinary Medicine Expo/North American Veterinary Conference. 06/07/2021. Orlando, FL (CME)

Debunking the myths about Lyme disease. Zoetis Canada. 04/22/2021. Podcast (CME)

New approaches to vaccine development: Lyme disease and beyond. Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. Webex. 04/06/2021 (CME)

Preventative strategies for Lyme disease. Pet Wellness Alliance. Webex. 03/30/2021 (CME) and Mission Veterinary. Webex. 03/24/2021 (CME)

The growing threat of Lyme disease. Zoetis. Webex. 03/17/2021 (CME)

The scientist behind the Lyme disease vaccine. VetGirl. Podcast. 03/02/2021 (CME)

Chimeric epitope-based vaccinogens for bacterial diseases. Drexel School of Medicine. Webex seminar. 07/29/2020

Prevention of Lyme disease. Global Lyme Alliance. Webex Presentation. 06/19/2020.

Lyme disease, diagnosis, and maternal antibody. Zoetis Webex. 04/15-16/2020. (2 hr CME)

Lyme disease prevention: chimeric epitope vaccines. Upper Saint Clair, PA 03/09/2020 (CME) and Dravosburg, PA 03/09/2020 (CME)

Lyme disease prevention: chimeric epitope-based vaccines. N. Huntington, PA 03/10/2020 (CME), Erie, PA 03/10/2020 (CME) and Morgantown, WV, 03/11/2020 (CME)

New developments in the prevention of Lyme disease in canines. Western Veterinary Conference. 02/18/2020. Las Vegas, NV (CME)

Factor H binding and the progression of periodontal disease. Mark Wilson Conference. 02/08/2020. San Juan, Puerto Rico

New insights into Lyme pathogenesis and maternal antibody profiles. North American Veterinary Conference 01/20/2020. Orlando, FL (CME)

Understanding the Lyme disease problem. Zoetis “University” Conference, Minneapolis, MN 12/04/2019 (CME)

How you can prevent tick-borne diseases in companion animals! Bunker Hills Event Center. Minneapolis, MN. 12/03/2019 (CME)

Lyme disease: a growing threat in New England. Zoetis. Bradford, VT 11/18/2019 (CME)

New strategies for the prevention of Lyme disease. Zoetis. New York, NY. 10/21-22-23-24/2019 (CME)

Human vaccines for Lyme disease: Chimeritope Technology. Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation. 4th Annual Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine. New York, NY 10/19/19 (CME)

New strategies for the growing threat of Lyme disease. VetGirl. Webcast. 09/29/2019 (CME)

The growing threat of Lyme disease. The VetAlliance. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 09/30/2019 (CME) and London, Ontario, Canada 10/01/2019 (CME)

Chimeric vaccines for the prevention of tick-borne diseases. Emerging Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illness Conference. Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA. 09/14-15/2019 (CME)

New Advances in the Development of a Human Lyme Disease Vaccine. NIAID, NIH - Vaccine Research Center, Bethesda, MD. 06/04/2019

Lyme disease in 2019: Where do we stand? FETCH Conference, Baltimore, MD 05/04/2019 (CME)

Genetic regulatory mechanisms of oral treponemes. Mark Wilson Conference on Oral Biology. Duck Key, FL. 02/07/2019

Recent advances in the development of chimeric epitope-based vaccines for spirochetal infections of humans and companion animals. North American Veterinary Conference/VMX, Orlando, FL 01/2019 (CME)